Step into INDUSTRY

Designed around the principal of gathering, INDUSTRY was built to become a unique destination. Bringing people together to spend time enjoying our passion for food, drinks and social gatherings. As you will see, your surrounding are intriguing and give a nod to the industrial revolution and a salute to the underpinning of American industry. Every piece tells a story.

"industry stands for perservering living the dream, believing you can make it no matter what gets in your way. industry it."

Derived not contrived

From the moment you arrive, your senses will become stimulated to the sights, sounds and scents in anticipation of an immersive experience. INDUSTRY was created to exceed the average restaurant experience to imaginatively transform the way you think about dining, drinking and socializing. This unrepeatable establishment embodies years of planning, the latest technologies and an elevated twist on culinary and libatious delights all packaged in an extraordinary vintage-style factory.

expect the unexpected

You never know what to expect when you enter INDUSTRY. Nothing stays the same except for the unparalled experiences you will have. There aren't words to express how you will feel the first time you enter INDUSTRY, in fact the words may change each time you come back, but when you leave you will have become part of the fabric that will become the legacy of INDUSTRY. 

"Nothing tastes better than nostalgia. You'll always remember what it tasted like."

Signature dishes with a twist

One sweep of the menu tells you that you're going to have a big decision ahead of you. Our culinary team brings the talent to the show with inventive and ingenious creations. Skillfully blending unexpected ingredients, culture and imagination that will ignite your soul. The passion in the kitchen arrives at your plate so that even the most simple dish is nothing less than amazing.

Experience Industry, manufacturing hand-crafted food and drink. Hospitality for all trades.